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Coffee is grown more in the region between Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer. India is one of the producers of coffee in Asia. Coffee is the second most largely consumed beverage after water in India. Coffee beans contain proteins, carbohydrates and oils. There are many different varieties of coffee although those grown for commercial purposes are few in numbers. The most commonly grown are Coffea Arabica & Coffea Canephora. ( Botanical names of Arabica & Robusta) The birth place of Arabica coffee in Utopia, Robusta in Uganda. In India, coffee is grown in Bababudan Giri near Chikmangalur. The Quality of Coffee is Gifted by Nature, Nurtured by Passion and Rich in Tradition. We use high grown giri Coffee & Coorg, as the coffees grown in these places have unique characters.

Manufacturing Process Of Coffee


Roasted & Ground Coffee Blend for Traditional Filter.

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Recipe - Brewing Method

Brewing is the method adopted to extract the soluble coffee matter along with the flavour & aroma. Brewing coffee through filters is a traditional method of coffee preparation in India. Consumers are passionate about drinking a cup of filter coffee full of flavour and aroma.


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